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Reduce mailroom cost by automating work comp document intake

Extract Filer ingests all types of files, including large unsorted documents, emails, faxes, and batch-scanned mail. It sorts and splits them into separately categorized, searchable documents. It matches each document to the correct matter, titles it to your firm's naming convention, and inserts it directly into your document management software. It even alerts your attorneys and staff based on your firm's protocols. Put simply, it automates your document intake.
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Floyd Skeren increases document processing efficiency by 350% with Extract Filer.

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Extract Filer saves Stockwell Harris over $400,000 annually by automating document intake processes.

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Stockwell - Extract
Stockwell casestudy AI
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Let AI process your Fax, Large Files, and Mail

Your people have better things to do.
It's Cheaper

It's Faster

Just scan or upload, and then validate. Our software does the rest. Complete your entire document intake process more than 5x faster without hiring more people, outsourcing, or changing your practice management system.

It's Faster

It's Cheaper

Extract Filer automates multiple processes--like sorting, matching, and naming documents-- eliminating hours of tedious manual labor. It enables fewer people to get more work done, saving you money on day one.

More Accurate

It's More Accurate

Extract uses computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning to sort, tag, and name legal documents, from medicals to pleadings, according to your rules, and file them into your practice management software


Case Study

Stockwell Harris, a 60-attorney workers compensation law firm, maintained a staff of 8-12 temp workers/day to sort, separate, scan and electronically file roughly 10,000 pages/day of incoming documents--including insurance claim files to be set up as new files, and mail and fax correspondence including correspondence, pleadings, medicals, med-legals, bills and liens, panel requests, and Notices.

The manual process of searching the system for each document to find the correct Matter to which it belonged, then titling it properly was cumbersome and time consuming; often, it took several days for documents to make their way into the practice management system, and many documents were filed incorrectly. These errors and delays meant that attorneys couldn’t be as responsive as they needed to be, and sometimes even missed important documents that were misfiled by staff.

With a 2 week integration of Foundation Extract,
Stockwell Harris saw:

  • 80-90% increase in efficiency per staff member
  • 95%+ Accuracy
  • $400,000/year in Cost Savings
Stockwell, Harris,
Woolverton & Helphrey

What our clients are saying

Extract AI

“Since converting over to Foundation AI, our staff has been able to not only catch up from being three to four weeks behind in mail to completing mail on a daily basis. Using Foundation AI has been one of the best decisions we have made.”

Shelley O'Mary,

Manager Office Services Office Services Mullen & Filippi

Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin - Extract

“It is absolutely amazing! We just fly through the mail and it’s great. As we use it, it learns and gets better and even easier!”

Mary Sinacori,

Office Supervisor and Staff Administrator Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin, LLP

Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin - Extract

"We receive thousands of pages of mail each day and have always had backlogs getting it scanned into attorneys' files.

Within two weeks of using Foundation Extract, we were getting the mail processed within a day, while saving about $8,000 a week in staffing costs."

George Woolverton,

Managing Partner, Stockwell Harris

Stockwell Harris - Extract AI

"Foundation AI's software has been a gamechanger, especially during COVID, to streamline our correspondence processing. We used to spend hours of time matching and filing inbound correspondence.  The software helps automate that for us, so people can focus more on working with our clients."

Michael Brand,

Managing Partner, Acumen LLP

Acumen - Extract

"Foundation AI's content extraction technology is really the best that we've seen. Their hyper responsive team gets you up and running in no time."

Derrick Chow,

COO, Medchart

Medchart - Extract AI

"Before, processing the mail involved physically sorting documents, and using several different systems to scan them and enter them into our attorney files.  Now, the mail just has to be scanned in batches and then the AI does most of the work to sort it, match it to the correct matter and name it.  My staff can validate the AI from anywhere, even remotely, which has saved us during this COVID crisis.

And the best part is, I know exactly how many documents are getting processed every day, and I can monitor the staff no matter where we all are."

Rosanna Renteria,

Office Manager, Stockwell Harris

stockwell Harris - Extract Data AI
Extract - automatically ingests documents
Seamlessly integrates - Extract

Keep everything in-house with your current systems.

Extract Filer automates the majority of the work, and your staff validates the results through a super simple user interface that continuously learns with each page it processes. Your staff can manage the whole process from anywhere, even remotely, through one application, without the need to bounce between multiple scan, document, practice management, and email systems. It integrates to pick files up automatically from your eFax and scanner, and push processed documents into virtually any practice management system, including Clio, Prolaw, and MerusCase.

Seamless integration - Extract
categorize and split firm’s
Extract - leverages OCR, computer vision, and machine learning
Sorts Automatically - Extract

Organize large files into separate, searchable PDFs

Extract Filer leverages OCR, computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning to identify, tag and sort workers' compensation documents—including medicals, med-legals, pleadings, bills, EOBs, UR and IMR, and litigation correspondence. Load large files, faxes, and mixed batches of scanned mail and Extract will categorize, tag, and split each document based on your firm’s procedures.

Extract - automatically name each Document
Extracts usefl content - Extract

Instantly title each document and link it to the correct case file.

Extract Filer instantly links each document to its proper case file by capturing names, claim and case numbers, and other unique identifiers and searching your database automatically. It pulls detailed information from each document, like dates, sender names, doctors names and dates of service, and uses this information to descriptively title each document to your specifications.

Extracts Key Information from documents
Extract - automatically name each Document
Extract - Document Analytics
Track document Operations - Extract

Maintain full control of your documents.

A mislabeled or misfiled document can have disastrous consequences. With Extract Filer, you set your processes and rules, and the AI ensures that they are followed every time. Extract features robust analytics to help you understand and predict your document volumes and staff efficiency, and optimize accordingly. Its reporting features allow you to audit all document processing actions, giving you full control over your mailroom operations. It tracks all user behavior in the system, providing transparency into exactly when your staff are working and how productive they are being, even if they are working remotely.

Seamlessly integrates - Extract

Keep Your Business Moving Forward

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced law firms to make critical decisions to keep their people healthy and their organizations running smoothly, including implementing paperless practice management solutions to ensure that remote attorneys have access to their documents and files. However, these solutions still require a team of document intake staff to physically work in an office in order to get the documents to the attorneys that need them.

Read about how Foundation AI's ExtractWC helped a large workers compensation law firm streamline these critical document intake activities and ensure that they could be performed completely remotely. Learn how Foundation AI can help you not only manage the current crisis, but also emerge stronger because of it.

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